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Everything you need to know about Gas Safety Certificates!

A gas safety record is also known as a gas safety certificate. It is a document that has details about when a gas safety check is carried out on a gas appliance. You can get a gas safety certificate by booking an online appointment with us. At Intelligent Repairs, our experienced gas-safe engineers take total care of your gas safety check. We do a detailed inspection of all your gas appliances to make sure they are in good condition and also check the accessible pipework to make sure there are no gas leaks.

Why gas safety certificate is mandatory?

If you are a landlord or homeowner then it is a must requirement to get a gas safety check routinely once a year.  UK government mandated that commercial property managers or residential landlords who are renting their buildings need to ensure that they get gas safety checks. An efficient gas safety check service provider ensures that the particular property is gas safe and verifies all the gas-fueled appliances have not any leaks and are safe to use.

Areas we cover

At Intelligent Repairs, our experienced gas safety experts do a detailed inspection of all your gas appliances across Edinburgh, Lothian, and Fife.

Why choose Intelligent Repairs for Gas Safety Certificate?

Intelligent Repairs is your #1 stop shop for all safety certificates. We offer gas safety check services for all commercial and residential properties at very affordable prices.

  • Book landlord gas safety certificates online
  • Gas safety inspection by experienced experts
  • Extremely competitive prices
  • Satisfied customers

Gas Safety FAQs

What is involved in gas safety checks?

It involves a gas safety check registered expert visiting your property and assessing the safety of your gas appliances and pipework. The expert will record all details whether they are safe to use at the time of inspection.

Who is responsible for the gas safety certificate?

As a landlord, you are responsible for the safety of your tenants in relation to gas safety. You must repair and maintain gas pipework and appliances in a safe condition.

Is it mandatory to install a smoke alarm?

As a landlord, it is not mandatory but if you are a commercial property manager then it is best practice to install smoke alarms for employee safety.

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